Hybrid Systems from 5 kW up to more than 1.000 kW

Main applications are decentralized energy production for:

  1. Mobile stations
  2. Off-grid, i.e. rural electrification
  3. Mobile Systems, i.e. for military
  4. Utilities for electricity and water
  5. Back up for uninterrupted power supply UPS
  6. ecologic add-on to diesel-generators

Hybrid-Energy-Systems exist of at least two power generators and one battery storage:

  • Wind turbine + Solar
  • Wind turbine + Diesel Generator + Solar
  • Solar + Diesel Generator

Main criteria for configuration of the system:

  1. Site conditions
  2. Wind conditions
  3. Solar energy condtions
  4. Applications
  5. On-grid (grid parallel) or off-grid
  6. Loads of consumers

The systems can be modular with variable composition.
It can grow with your demand for energy!
The design is individual and flexible.

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