Special offer: Windpark Right for sale! Windpark up to 400 MW **

Building permission, licenses, grid approval, planing almost finished! Wind measurement report. Attractive longterm PPA! Further details on request.

energy production

Generate your own electricity on site!
Get independent:

  • farms
  • agriculture
  • rural electrification
  • housing
  • cities
  • infrastructure
  • companies, industry
  • utilities for power and water
  • desalting plant
  • water pumps
  • industry
  • e-mobile
  • telecommunication

About us

winDual is an independent German
engineering office in Hamburg / Germany.
Since 2008 we are active in the branch
of small to midsize wind turbines and
hybrid systems in combination with solar, battery and generators.


  • Consultancy
  • Site assessment
  • Project managment
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction - turn key
  • After-Sales-Service
  • Training

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Scalable, variable and customized
energy solutions for on grid and off grid.

  • Small wind turbines
    5 kW, 10 kW, 20 kW 30 kW
  • Mediumsize wind turbines
    50 kW, 60 kW, 100 kW to 250 kW
  • Hybrid systems in combination with
    solar, fuel generator and battery
  • On grid and off grid
  • License for manufacturing

Growing with your demand for energy!

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Special offer

10 kW wind turbine
AEP accord. to certification
approx. 20.000 kWh at 5,0 m/s
and 10.800 kWh at 4.0 m/s

on grid including inverter and 12 m tower
from 29,900 €

off grid including battery charger DC 48V:
from 19,000 €
extra price for tower and off grid inverter

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Farmer / Agriculture / villages

On grid or off grid, we provide both solutions also in combination with solar and battery storage systems.
Build up your own added value by own cooling, drying, preserving, heating,
Our special wind turbines with big rotor diameter and according swept area for low wind sites 3.5 up to 5.5 m/s generate more constant energy production over time.
That way it covers more of your demand compared to classical small wind turbines with smaller rotor.

Industry / Infrastructure

Wind turbines for your production, energy intensive processes and air conditioning for buildings, in combination with solar.

We provide complete hybrid systems.

Private homes

Backup or build up your own energy supply and sell the surplus to neighbours.
Charge your own e-mobile or battery. We provide all necessary components.

** Only for information. No guarantee.